eRobotics concepts revolutionize the development process – from the initial design to real world operation – and realize intelligent systems.

Application Areas

The eRobotics concepts are used in various application areas and disciplines. At the MMI, they are applied to the fields of industry, environment and space.


The research at MMI aims at creating additional value for future users. Accordingly, the MMI work ranges from basic research up to technology transfer.

Our Research Subjects

The research areas at MMI focus the design and development of new and cross-application methods of eRobotics and their application to industry, environment and space.


The MMI uses its expertise in a variety of international and national research projects and develops it further. These research projects are carried out jointly by the MMI in tight cooperation with interdisciplinary teams consisting of partners from academia, government and industry. The following table gives an overview of a selection of ongoing and completed projects.


A variety of science as well as research oriented publications document the research results.