Virtual Commissioning

“Virtual Commissioning” aims at the setup and initial programming of complex automation systems based on digital model and methods, particularly 3D simulation and rendering.

Simulation-based Reasoning

The so-called Sense-Think-Act paradigm is considered as the operative definition of a (mobile) robot. A special aspect of the mobile robot is the robot’s interaction with its changeable and variable, often unknown and unstructured surroundings.

Kinematics and multi agent systems

The subject “kinematics“ concerns the systematic description of movements and movement apparatuses on the basis of their geometric connections when it comes to chronological sequence and is thereby a fundamental subject of robotics and automation technology.

Rigid Body Dynamics

When it comes to simulation algorithms, the simulation of the dynamic behavior of the mechanical system is of major importance.

Sensor Simulation

Sensors are almost integral components to every cutting-edge (automation) application.


A central aspect of almost all eRobotics applications is the graphic representation/visualization, i.e. rendering of the simulation state – realistically and with a high frame or refresh rate.


One important issue that may come up in the implementation of many diverse applications is determining the absolute position of a machine or person on earth or on a planet.

Motion Simulator

In the case of virtual reality applications the (audio)-visual feedback of the simulation takes often center stage. Nevertheless for many applications realistic movement feedback is indispensable.

3D Simulation Technology

Almost all eRobotics techniques are based on the implementation of 3D simulation technology. The basis for this is a model of the system under consideration, as well as an operational environment.

3D Control Technology

“Simulation-based control” techniques in the context of 3D simulation technology enable the design and testing of innovative, complex control algorithms in the application of robots and automation.