Kickoff Twins4Space

Modular and reconfigurable space systems are composed of a large number of modules. In turn, these modules contain cyber-physical systems (CPS) which consist of a physical part, e.g. a sensor, as well as the corresponding controller and a virtual part, the “digital twin” (DZ). The DT provides a comprehensive virtual representation of its real counterpart. The DT provides all relevant aspects of its asset via a uniform software interface, offering access to data and services via the on-board network. The Twins4Space project develops a decentralized software infrastructure to form the basis for the realization and networking of DTs and thus the operation of modular and reconfigurable space systems. In contrast to a classical monolithic system structure, the proposed networking of independent CPSs via their DTs in a decentralized structure offers a maximum of possible redundancy and enables in-orbit upgrades and maintenance. The proposed concept can be seamlessly transferred to the operation of distributed systems (e.g. satellite swarms) as well as to terrestrial applications (e.g. control of production facilities). The developed infrastructure will be demonstrated on space-representative hardware in the form of four prototypical modules with exemplary software services.