Technology Transfer

The objective of the research work done by MMI is to create added value for future users. We develop the scientific basis for the topics of tomorrow and implement these into concrete solutions in collaboration with our partners. We thereby form the foundation for a grouping of three:

  • Research: MMI designs trendsetting research projects and develops the scientific basis for your topics of tomorrow.
  • Transfer: Together with successful transfer technology partners, e.g. RIF e.V., we will bring the new and cutting edge processes into practice from research project through to prototype. From the scientific ideas and new technologies practicable prototypes are developed together with the future users at a later stage.
  • Solutions: From prototype to product – we also accompany this phase of developing systems solutions for companies, government agencies and private users with our expertise and together with experienced partners. Advanced innovations are efficiently integrated into everyday work and have the added benefit of helping you to improve substantially.

Be it ready-made solutions; industrial exchanges involving a pilot project; project or basic research – our affiliated partners will help you get ahead, competently and with a practical orientation.

  • Über uns - VEROSIM Solutions
    # VEROSIM Solutions liefert Lösungen für Ihr Unternehmen. Ausgereifte Innovationen helfen Ihnen, noch besser zu werden.
  • Über uns - VEROSIM Solutions
    # RIF bringt neue und moderne Verfahren in Ihren Industriebetrieb. Aus wissenschaftlichen Ideen werden Prototypen entwickelt.
  • Über uns - VEROSIM Solutions
    # Das Institut für Mensch-Maschine-Interaktion der RWTH Aachen gestaltet zukunftsweisende Forschungsprojekte.