Implementation of a forestry application using an industrial reference architecture

The Kompetenzzentrum Wald und Holz 4.0 is being established at the MMI. An important aspect of the project is the development of an infrastructure that allows people and machines in the context of forestry to communicate with each other, in line with the basic idea of the Internet of Things. In forestry, such an infrastructure encounters distributed systems, whose interaction in many areas has not yet been solved on the physical communication level. In addition, there are highly specialized processes that work with appropriately adapted hardware. These individual systems are each manufactured by corresponding manufacturers, so that processes in the forestry industry usually consist of a heterogeneous structure of systems from different manufacturers, whose interaction with each other has hardly been optimized so far. In contrast, there are far-reaching developments in the industry towards reference architectures that represent such infrastructures.

BaSys is a reference architecture for production systems. BaSys models Industry 4.0 components, which it provides in an extensible SDK, enabling the development of Industry 4.0 solutions. Challenges addressed by the project are variable production to enable individualized goods, the exploitation of large amounts of data, and the interconnection of heterogeneous devices and systems while minimizing downtime and other related costs.

In this thesis, an application example from the forestry sector will be implemented using the Eclipse Basyx platform, the open-source reference implementation of BaSys. The chosen use case has to be scientifically worked out with its requirements and possible approaches for the implementation have to be researched. With the help of the Basyx platform, the application will then be implemented as a demonstrator.