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Welcome to the Institute for Man-Machine Interaction

As the chair and Institute for Man-Machine Interaction our special interest lies in the development of methods, software components and appliances which ease the use of technical devices and the command and control of complex processes by human beings. The main focuses of our work are for example in the fields of space robotics, the virtual factory, industrial and service robotics as well as automotive machinery.

With our novel approach called „projective virtual reality“ complex automated systems can be programmed, commanded and controlled in an intuitive fashion. Such systems range from space robots to the international space station, from a wheel loader to a (forestry) harvester, from milling machines to the digital factory and from industrial robots to an anthropomorphic (human shaped) robot. The applied fundamentals for the realization of such concepts and systems are in the fields of space robotics, industrial robotics, mobile robotics, machine vision, autonomous vehicle guidance and navigation as well as computer graphics, virtual reality, control engineering and simulation technology.

As a member of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of the RWTH-Aachen we work in an extremly innovative environment, which allows as to even broaden the motto of the RWTH Aachen:

The future starts with us - and we are actively shaping it

MMI | Institute for Man-Machine Interaction | RWTH Aachen University | Ahornstrasse 55 | 52074 Aachen | Director: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Roßmann